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The municipality of Kalininskaya district offers the entrepreneurs to invest into the construction of a greenhouse complex

As provided for by the project, it is planned to construct a state-of-the-art greenhouse complex in the Cossack village Kalininskaya. Greenhouses from lightweight structures on a metal frame, sheds, a site for sorting and temporary storage of finished products, sheds for inventory and fertilizer stores will be erected within the greenhouse complex. The complex consists of 6 sections of optimal usable space 3 hectares each. The annual output of finished products: cucumbers Ц 18 900 tons; tomatoes Ц 9 504 tons; pepper Ц 2 601,1 tons and salad Ц 360 tons.

A business plan was developed for the investment project. The project needs 919.7 million rubles in the form of direct investments.

The project implementation period is 2 years, and the return on investment period is 4 years. The construction of the facility will allow to create 190 new jobs.

A land plot of 230 thousand sq. m. was formed to implement the project. The site is located in Kalininskaya Cossack village. There is a local road, Stepnaya Street (1.5km), there. The distance to the federal highway "Timashevsk - Poltavskaya" is 1 km.

The distance from the municipal center of Kalininskaya Cossack village is 1.5 km. The distance from the regional center of Krasnodar is 70 km.

The distance to the nearest railway station Velichkovka is 3.5 km, to the Krasnodar Airport is 80 km, and to the seaport of Novorossiysk is 140 km.

Administration of Municipal formation Kalininskaya district

Adress: Lenin street, 147, Kalininskaya Cossack village, Kalininskaya district, Krasnodar region, 353780, Russia

Telephone: +7 86163 2 20 22


Contact person: Head of Department of Investment, Small and Medium Business of Economy Administration of the Municipal Formation Kalininskaya District Ц Pakhomov Alexander Yuryevich,  +7 86163 22022